Why choose AEMC?

We pride ourselves in being the pioneers of guiding students to achieve their dreams by obtaining their higher education goals in Australia and other countries. Nearly 13 years subsequent to our first steps as a company, we have successfully paved the way for hundreds of students to accomplish their ambitions in Australia and other countries.

We understand that this is a highly imperative task that we have undertaken, and we pay utmost attention to every detail in making each application a success story. With branches in Colombo and Kandy in Sri Lanka and in Melbourne, Australia, we try to always offer the latest and the most accurate information to our students from their first consultation to their very last regarding their student visas to Australia – how to apply to their preferred university, what documents are required, and how to apply for their student visas too!

We have always conducted a great rapport with multiple universities in Australia, winning us the Best Agent of the Year Award for the year 2018 by Study Group.

What Happens on my Initial Consultation with AEMC

One of our experienced counsellors will thoroughly explain the procedure to you, from the starting point which is the course and university selection until the final step – which is the visa lodgement stage.

During your initial consultation, our counsellors would request information from you regarding your academic and employment background. At this point, we will help you decide the perfect location, course and university that is the most suitable for you after assessing your overall background and your requirements.

We at AEMC understand that each and every student is different, so we also require some information regarding your family background, funding and other matters too, in order to provide you with an overall understanding on how the university application and visa process can be customized for you.

We always suggest that you talk openly about any concern that you may have regarding the process with us, so that we are able to help you in any way possible regarding your application.

What Documents do I need to bring?

We advise our students to bring in their current passport, along with all the academic documents (including O/L, A/L, IELTS, any and all other course completion certificates and transcripts) and employment documents (service letters and/or appointment letters, payslips with salary crediting account details) with them.

This will essentially help us to accurately submit the university applications on the very first consultation with you to fasten the process for your benefit.

We have a large number of universities and institutes on board with AEMC so we can easily find a course that would suit your needs perfectly well, and our experienced counsellors are always ready to help you with the selection process.

Can I get a Scholarship?

Depending on your academic background, you may be eligible to apply for a scholarship with the university you have selected. To check full eligibility, your counsellor will provide you with more information.

Does AEMC Charge me any fee for Consultation ?

Absolutely not! We do not charge you at all at any point in the student visa application process, so you are able to obtain all necessary information regarding your process at zero cost.

How do I contact you?

Our counsellors are available weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. We welcome walk-ins to our offices located in Colombo and Kandy and you can also call us on the following numbers to speak to one of our counsellors;

Colombo: No.09, Cambridge Terrace,
Colombo 07

Phone: +94 11 237 2105 / +94 77 688 9999

Email: marketing@aemcglobal.com.au

Kandy: 201 Peradeniya Road, Kandy

Phone: +94 81 2 239590